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hit the roof/ceiling

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit the roof/ceilinghit the roof/ceilinginformalANGRY to be very angry Ranieri returned, saw the mess, and hit the roof. hit
Examples from the Corpus
hit the roof/ceilingThen, he proceeded to hit the ceiling.The turbulence was such that his head hit the ceiling and his headset came off and fell to the floor.Two shells hit the roof and one exploded in the corridor during the night.One tankard hit the ceiling, another broke a window.Top editors hit the roof Maybe one picture, but a page full of pictures of black women?The shell hit the roof of the building and made a mess of the inside of the building.What would Old Chao do if he saw them, hit the roof on his way into outer space?He hit the roof when the pair left to set up home in a bedsit.
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