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hit the shops/streets

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhit the shops/streetshit the shops/streetsif a product hits the shops, it becomes available to buy I managed to get a copy of the book before it hit the shops. hit
Examples from the Corpus
hit the shops/streetsBut after the officer leaves, Michael grabs his sleeping bag and hits the streets.Equipped with such information, I decided it was time to hit the streets.Laid-off workers are hitting the streets.Meanwhile, his book, Black Coffee Blues, is due to hit the shops in mid-December.The service is currently in beta testing and should hit the streets in the first quarter of next year.The newspaper has had $ 29 million in losses since it hit the streets on Jan. 10,1994.When the idea hit the streets, we at Guitarist were unanimous in wanting to throw our weight behind the project.She told me to hit the streets with the canvas bag and start ringing doorbells the instant school was out next day.
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