2 noun
Related topics: Drug Culture, Crime
hit2 S3 [countable]


something such as a film, play, song etc that is very popular and successful
a hit single/show/record etc
the hit musical 'Phantom of the Opera'
a big/smash/number 1 etc hit
the Beatles' greatest hits
Which band had a hit with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
be a hit with somebody (=be liked by them)
It's hoped the new museum will be a big hit with families.

hit something

an occasion when something that is aimed at something else touches it, reaches it, or damages it:
Our ship took a direct hit and sank.


a) an occasion when someone visits a website:
The site had 2,000 hits in the first week.
b) a result of a computer search, especially on the Internet:
thousands of irrelevant hits
4 informalMDD a feeling of pleasure obtained from taking an illegal drug
5 informalSCC a murder that has been arranged to happen

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