1 verb
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1 [intransitive and transitive] informalTT to get free rides from the drivers of passing cars by standing at the side of the road and putting a hand out with the thumb raised [= hitchhike]
hitch across/around/to
He plans to hitch right round the coast of Ireland.
hitch a ride/lift (with somebody)
We hitched a ride with a trucker.
2 [transitive] also hitch up to move a piece of clothing you are wearing so that it is higher than it was before:
She hitched her skirt above her knees and knelt down.

get hitched

informal to get married:
They got hitched without telling their parents.
4 [transitive] also hitch up to lift yourself into a higher position by pushing with your hands
hitch yourself (up) onto/on something
Gail hitched herself up onto the high stool.
a) [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to fasten something to something else, using a rope, chain etc
hitch something to something
He hitched our pickup to his trailer.
a goat hitched to a fence
b) [transitive] also hitch up to fasten an animal to something with wheels so that the animal can pull it forwards:
I hitched up the horse and drove out into the fields.

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