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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhithertohith‧er‧to /ˌhɪðəˈtuː◂ $ -ər-/ ●○○ adverb formal  BEFOREup to this time a species of fish hitherto unknown in the West
Examples from the Corpus
hithertoThey have hitherto been the most generally used in clinical trials.It is received with fear; for it threatens that comforting security and certainty which hitherto have shaped our actions.A fourth gallery hitherto not previously in these columns is Gisela Capitain, at Apostelnstrasse 19.French astronomers have found a hitherto unknown galaxy.Isabel trembled, half afraid, half shocked, at such shameless, hitherto unknown longings.In order to ingratiate himself with the populace, he rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem on a hitherto unprecedented scale.hitherto unknownBut Brindley's canal from the coal-mines at Worsley to Manchester had several features hitherto unknown.This has uncovered some interesting findings - for instance the hitherto unknown demand for 3.3V chips from desktop system designers.It now remains to ask whether there is any significance in this hitherto unknown fact.Isabel trembled, half afraid, half shocked, at such shameless, hitherto unknown longings.No details are given of this hitherto unknown organisation, but the platform put forward by the paper looks like pure Thatcherism.Recently a hitherto unknown phenomenon has appeared in Illela: property speculation.We are amid corruption of a hitherto unknown scale but not without some precedent.This meant seeking out even more diverse wines from hitherto unknown sources, which further taxed the new-found art of blending.
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