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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhivehive1 /haɪv/ noun  1 [countable] (also beehive) a small box where bees are kept, or the bees that live in this box2 a hive of industry/activity etc3 hives
Examples from the Corpus
hiveLife in a hive can become quite gothic.Is a family like a hive?Brimscombe Port was once a hive of activity but has now largely disappeared.When the successful foragers arrived at the hive, many danced to indicate the car park.I walked over to the hive, which was near the house, at the edge of the woods.
hivehive2 verb   hive something ↔ off
Examples from the Corpus
hiveIt was as if one death was not enough for me, but I had to hive a double death.The original intention was to hive off assembly operations to sub-contractors.Most of the jobs will disappear through hiving off divisions and seeking voluntary redundancies.This is another result of the Government's policy of hiving off of core services.Male speaker We're not hiving off our responsibilities.The move to hive off the bulk of the retailing shops has, apparently, saved over £6m.It is part of a growing trend for television contractors to hive off their advertising sales.If management does decide to hive up Target's trade to Newco, it will have tax implications as follows.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhivehive /haɪv/ verb hive something → off
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