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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoarsehoarse /hɔːs $ hɔːrs/ adjective 🔊 🔊 ROUGH VOICEif you are hoarse, or if your voice is hoarse, you speak in a low rough voice, for example because your throat is sore 🔊 He was hoarse from laughing.hoarse voice/whisper/groan etc —hoarsely adverb —hoarseness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
hoarse• The Milanese cheered until they were hoarse.• His voice was hoarse as a raven's croak.• From below there were the hoarse confused cries of the mob.• Rachel moved with a hoarse cry, groping blindly for support, trying to reach the sofas, shaking like a leaf.• You sound very hoarse. Do you have a cold?• He had shouted himself hoarse in his frenzied efforts to attract attention.• I have imagined him bravely making himself walk down the steps and face the hoarse shouts and attacks of the bigger boys.• Yeb whispers a hoarse sorry in my ear.• She screamed, a hoarse tenor noise, and fought.• His voice dropped to a hoarse whisper.hoarse voice/whisper/groan etc• I said in a hoarse voice.• Her hoarse voice had been toned down, almost hushed, while she questioned Ada.• He had brown wavy hair and a hoarse voice that was in the process of breaking.• He demanded twice, in an extremely hoarse voice, where I was from.
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