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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoarsehoarse /hɔːs $ hɔːrs/ adjective  ROUGH VOICEif you are hoarse, or if your voice is hoarse, you speak in a low rough voice, for example because your throat is sore He was hoarse from laughing.hoarse voice/whisper/groan etchoarsely adverbhoarseness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
hoarseThe Milanese cheered until they were hoarse.His voice was hoarse as a raven's croak.From below there were the hoarse confused cries of the mob.Rachel moved with a hoarse cry, groping blindly for support, trying to reach the sofas, shaking like a leaf.You sound very hoarse. Do you have a cold?He had shouted himself hoarse in his frenzied efforts to attract attention.I have imagined him bravely making himself walk down the steps and face the hoarse shouts and attacks of the bigger boys.Yeb whispers a hoarse sorry in my ear.She screamed, a hoarse tenor noise, and fought.His voice dropped to a hoarse whisper.hoarse voice/whisper/groan etcI said in a hoarse voice.Her hoarse voice had been toned down, almost hushed, while she questioned Ada.He had brown wavy hair and a hoarse voice that was in the process of breaking.He demanded twice, in an extremely hoarse voice, where I was from.
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