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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoaryhoar‧y /ˈhɔːri/ adjective  1 OLD/NOT YOUNG[usually before noun] a hoary joke, remark etc is so well known that people no longer find it amusing or interesting Not that hoary old chestnut (=old idea, joke, remark etc) again.2 DCB old-fashioned grey or white in colour, especially through age
Examples from the Corpus
hoarya hoary 1940s musicalFor a female swimmer, 29-year-old Angel Martino is downright hoary.Then bring her back inside, complete with Groucho Marx cigar, to run through a repertoire of hoary Borscht-belt gags.Attractive hoary foliage, and brilliant scarlet orange flowers.At least one House Republican freshman maintains a hoary political tradition by staging town meetings with his constituents.All the grass in front was brittle and hoary white.It contains many majestic old oaks and hoary willows.
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