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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoboho‧bo /ˈhəʊbəʊ $ ˈhoʊboʊ/ noun (plural hobos) [countable] American English  someone who travels around and has no home or regular job syn tramp British English
Examples from the Corpus
hoboThey saw the dead hobo again.Jack took it off the hobo after he and Eddie went down to help him and found he was dead.The bull outran him and beat him with a club, and when the hobo went down, he stayed down.The hobo had only one shoe, the other foot wrapped in newspaper and tied with String.The hobo was a young man, which shocked the brothers.If anything happens to this hobo, only the buzzards will care.Words such as tramp, hobo and vagrant offended him, terms bandied about by an unsympathetic society.
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