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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhogwashhog‧wash /ˈhɒɡwɒʃ $ ˈhɑːɡwɑːʃ, ˈhɒːɡ-, -wɒːʃ/ noun [uncountable] informal  UNTRUEstupid or untrue talk syn nonsense, rubbish That’s a load of hogwash!
Examples from the Corpus
hogwashGrandmother says all that is nonsense and hogwash.The professional exams for futures dealers are hogwash as far as the directors of some firms are concerned.Some of this is sound; some of it is hogwash.If you think the contrarian suggestions sound like so much hogwash, consider this.That stuff is just a bunch of hogwash.Anyway, it might still be a lot of hogwash.All the rest - philosophy, history, politics - was pure hogwash.Cotton, with an assist from this public-spirited pillar, has done his best to undo the damage caused by the hogwash.That's complete and utter hogwash.
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