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hold fast (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhold fast (to something)hold fast (to something)to keep believing strongly in something hold
Examples from the Corpus
hold fast (to something)She tried to struggle, but she was held fast.But ever since the day when she had faced her own fears she had held fast to her principles.He kept his head, how-ever, and held fast to his golden apples.Mr Buie held fast to his ground.If the Court holds fast to its abnegation of this traditional role, it could mark a sea change in federal-state relations.Bush urged the party to hold fast to its traditions.Jeffries was trying to cut him to ribbons; and here was Gordon trying to hold fast to Jeffries' coattails.I am like a shipwrecked survivor holding fast to the debris, awaiting the arrival of the scheduled liner.Difficult to hold fast to time.
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