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hold/stand your ground

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhold/stand your groundhold/stand your groundCHANGE YOUR MIND a) to stay where you are when someone threatens you, in order to show them that you are not afraid The men threatened him, but he stood his ground and they fled. b) to refuse to change your mind about something, even though people are opposing you Jason vowed to stand his ground, even if it meant losing his job. ground
Examples from the Corpus
hold/stand your groundThe Housing Executive stood its ground and refused to transfer money earmarked for other projects.The guide, however, stood his ground, frantically giving me unrecognizable signs.I calculate, I stand my ground.Not enough to start a war; just enough to let me stand my ground without having to think about it first.Richmann stood his ground, certain he would be able to jump out of the. way if things went wrong.As his father approached, Richard retreated steadily, never once daring to stand his ground against him.Williams' job was to hold his ground or drop into pass coverage.You know when to stand your ground and when to give in.
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