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hold your breath

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhold your breathhold your breatha) to deliberately not breathe out for a short time Hold your breath and count to ten. b) to not breathe out and try not to make a sound because you do not want to be noticed Julie shrank back against the wall and held her breath. c) not hold your breath spoken used to say that you do not expect something to happen, even though someone has said it will He promised he’d phone, but I’m not holding my breath. hold
Examples from the Corpus
hold your breathAn anxious nation holds its breath.It gave her the feeling that the whole world was holding its breath.He discovered that he was holding his breath, and gulped for air.Rachel held her breath as she waited for his answer.We held our breaths, covering our nostrils and mouths with our hands.She held her breath on another quick dart of guilt.The art world will be holding its breath to see how much these paintings sell for at auction.It stinks so bad you have to hold your breath until you come out.Patrice held her breath, waiting for Lettie's reply.Benjy rang the doorbell, then held his breath, waiting.
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