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hold your own (against somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhold your own (against somebody)hold your own (against somebody)GOOD ATto successfully defend yourself or succeed in a difficult situation, competition etc He was a good enough player to hold his own against the Americans. hold
Examples from the Corpus
hold your own (against somebody)And he is bound to hold his own.Well and nobly did... his gallant troops hold their own...He and his government colleagues were confident they could hold their own against the mujahedin.In many areas, Whigs clearly continued to hold their own amongst the squirearchy.Then, holding her own breath and moving stealthily on tiptoe, she began to ease her way towards the exit.Chaparral and forests resisted the invasion, and in some places they have held their own even against fire and development.You hold your own life together.Sharpe was holding his own sword low beside his stirrup, almost as if he could not be bothered to fight.
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