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holdallhold‧all /ˈhəʊld-ɔːl $ ˈhoʊld-ɒːl/ noun [countable]  holdall.jpg British EnglishDL a large bag used for carrying clothes and other things when you are travelling
Examples from the Corpus
holdallHe thought he was getting an Olympus Trip camera and holdall - as advertised in the catalogue - for a bargain £10.He picked up his two black holdalls and went out on to the platform to watch the train pull into the station.He picked up his brown holdall.Blake often stretches concepts with contentious boundaries into diaphanous holdalls.After jumping nimbly from the freight car she closed the door, picked up her holdall, and hurried towards the fence.He returned to his room and pulled his holdall out from under the bed.He packed up to 1,500 nails in each bomb, which he taped into sports holdalls.She took the Geiger-Muller counter from the holdall but couldn't get a reading from around the seal of the door.
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