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holdinghold‧ing /ˈhəʊldɪŋ $ ˈhoʊl-/ noun [countable]  BFsomething which a person owns, especially land or shares in a companyholding in The government has decided to sell its 21% holding in the firm.land/property/currency etc holding companies with large property holdings
Examples from the Corpus
holdingIt must be borne in mind that more copper equates to more adhesive holding the copper foil on to the glass fibre panel.Employment for agricultural labourers was correspondingly limited, and by no means all holdings were too small for subsistence.David stood at the end of the bed, holding baby Paul.They tried to intimidate me by holding on to the furniture.The offenders's accomplice stood at the door holding what appeared to be a shotgun.Joan did the laundry, washing up, and housework holding her with one arm.Long pole holding back maggots good.Part-time farming tends to be concentrated in DRAs where small, often non-viable holdings predominate.land/property/currency etc holdingIn all, the Las Vegas-based Hughes' land holdings have a potential for 14. 2 million square feet.Companies with large property holdings, like oil and gas corporations, want the consumption taxes because those represent tax breaks.But expenditures depend on deposit holdings as well as on currency holdings. 4.The figure compares with a survey in May when 12% said they intended to increase their property holdings.
From Longman Business DictionaryHoldingHold‧ing /ˈhəʊldɪŋˈhoʊl-/ (also Holdings) noun used in the name of holding companiesGlaxo Holdings PLCholdinghold‧ing /ˈhəʊldɪŋˈhoʊl-/ noun [countable]FINANCE1an amount of a particular type of investment owned by a person or organizationholding ofHe has doubled his usual holdings of government securities to more than $10 billion.Its real estate holdings are concentrated in Toronto, New York and London.2a quantity of shares held in a company by a particular SHAREHOLDER SYN STAKEHe has sold his holding in the company. see also cross-holding
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