Language: Old English
Origin: hol


1 noun
Related topics: Golf
hole1 S1 W2 [countable]

space in something solid

an empty space in something solid
hole in
There was a huge hole in the road.
I began digging a hole for the plant.
! Do not say there is a hole on something. Say there is a hole in something.

space something can go through

a space in something solid that allows light or things to pass through
hole in
They climbed through a hole in the fence.
These socks are full of holes.
bullet holes (=made by bullets)

empty place

a place where someone or something should be, but is missing
hole in
Their departure will leave a gaping hole in Grand Prix racing.

weak part

a weak part or fault in something such as an idea or plan:
The theory is full of holes.
hole in
If you have holes in your game, work on them.

animal's home

the home of a small animal:
a rabbit hole

unpleasant place

informal an unpleasant place:
I've got to get out of this hole.


a) DSG a hole in the ground that you try to get the ball into in the game of golf
b) DSG one part of a golf course with this kind of hole at one end

hole in one

DSG when someone hits the ball in golf from the starting place into the hole with only one hit

make a hole in something

informal to use a large part of an amount of money, food etc:
Holidays can make a big hole in your savings.

be in a hole

informal to be in a difficult situation

be in the hole

American English spoken to owe money:
I was something like $16,000 in the hole already.

need/want something like a hole in the head

spoken used to say that you definitely do not need or want something:
I need this conversation like a hole in the head.

➔ ace in the hole

at ace1 (7), black hole

; ➔ square peg in a round hole

at square1 (12), watering hole

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