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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishholinesshol‧i‧ness /ˈhəʊlinəs $ ˈhoʊ-/ noun  1 [uncountable]GOOD/MORAL the quality of being pure and good in a religious way2 Your/His Holiness
Examples from the Corpus
holinessIt is noteworthy that, of the three, the two signaling cleansing and holiness come first.He demanded holiness in his people.The recognition that exceptional holiness and spirituality continue to manifest themselves in our own time is also a central pentecostal conviction.Vegetarian monks striving for holiness gladly take on most of the nasty work.The miracles which have since occurred at his grave have confirmed his holiness.Other forms of holiness - that of the virgin and the ascetic - were assimilated to martyrdom.There is something about a fire that reminds me of holiness and truth.God's holinessAbout the only way to be a harem-guarding potentate nowadays is to start a cult and brainwash potential concubines about your holiness.
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