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hollow eyes/cheeks etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhollow eyes/cheeks etchollow eyes/cheeks etcHBHTHIN PERSONeyes etc where the skin sinks inwards He was short and thin, with hollow eyes. hollow
Examples from the Corpus
hollow eyes/cheeks etcWhite-faced, with a three-day-old beard, hollow cheeks and staring eyes, Sikes looked like a ghost.His hollow eyes have led you to expect something far more ruined.The hollow eyes on the pillow were filling with tears.Its flame showed up her hollow cheeks, the haunted eyes.Even with all this, the hollow cheeks, the scalp withered, you could still see how handsome Hugh had been.A well-shaped grey head leaned to peer at her out of concerned hollow eyes, whose colour she could not determine.
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