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hollyhol‧ly /ˈhɒli $ ˈhɑːli/ noun (plural hollies) [countable, uncountable]  holly.jpg HBPDLGa small tree with sharp dark green leaves and red berries (berry), or the leaves and berries of this tree, used as a decoration at Christmas
Examples from the Corpus
hollyThe forests are mostly mixes of loblolly pine and sweet gum, with a holly and huckleberry understory.A holly tree grew from the place where Scathach had lain.And some species of lily and holly and camellia.For holly ribbon, thinly roll out some of the burgundy icing and cut out small holly leaf shapes.She saw Gabriel pinning holly to one of the black beams in her house.All the same, she put a little more plastic holly in the shop-window.For a start, try leaves of lime, poplar, sycamore, holly, dandelion and groundsel.Don't use holly or yew, they're poisonous.
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