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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishholyho‧ly /ˈhəʊli $ ˈhoʊ-/ ●●● W3 adjective (comparative holier, superlative holiest)  1 RELIGIONconnected with God and religionsacred the holy city of Varanasisee thesaurus at religious2 RELIGIONvery religious a holy man3 holy cow/mackerel etc4 a holy terror take (holy) orders at order1(18)THESAURUSholy [usually before noun] connected with God and religion, and therefore treated in a special way – used especially in the following phrasesthe Holy Biblethe holy city of Meccaa Hindu holy manThey believe they are fighting a holy war.The priest puts some holy water on the child’s head.sacred connected with God and religion, and therefore treated in a special way – used especially in the following phrasesThis place is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.In India, cows are considered sacred.the Hindu sacred textssacred musica sacred ritualdivine relating to or coming from Godthe divine right of kingsdivine justicedivine providenceHuman love should be a reflection of divine love, and so not be selfish or cruel.spiritual relating to the soul, the spirit, and religion, and not with physical things or ordinary human activitiesYour spiritual life is far more important than any material things you could acquire.the spiritual leader of the Tibetanshallowed a hallowed place is considered to be very holyHe was buried in hallowed ground.The Golden Temple is Sikhism’s most hallowed shrine. blessed made holy by God – used especially about saintsthe blessed Virgin Mary
Examples from the Corpus
holyIn Islam, only the Qur'an is considered holy.The Koran is the Islamic holy book.There are innumerable holy cards and representations of her.Both sides are hinting about innovative arrangements for Jerusalem that satisfy their desire to claim the holy city as their capital.Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.The new clergy houses were of a quite different, selfless and holy Gothic architecture.In consequence, they threw the holy man into the valley below.Like Noah in his ark, they had traveled across the vast oceanic flood to carry out their holy mission.the holy month of RamadamThey know that it is a sacred and holy name.He offered to cook, and because of his holy nature, was acceptable to all.The priest sprinkled each member of the congregation with holy water.
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