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home base

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home baseˈhome base noun  1 [countable, usually singular] the place that someone returns to in order to rest, learn new things, or exchange information The band’s home base is Seattle.2 [countable, usually singular] the main office of a company syn headquarters3 [singular] American EnglishDSB the place where you stand to hit the ball in baseball syn home plate
Examples from the Corpus
home basethe astronauts' home base at Johnson Space CenterThe carrier operates mostly out of its home base in Minneapolis, and from Detroit and Memphis, Tenn.Just jot down Cale's home base on a postcard.Every day students choose a desk to serve as their home base and fill it with their supplies.Besides, away from their home base, knights were useless on their own.One refers to the page that appears when you start your browser and acts as your home base for exploring the Web.Evening is a time for partying and meeting new people away from your home base.
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