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homelandhome‧land /ˈhəʊmlænd, -lənd $ ˈhoʊm-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 COUNTRY/NATIONthe country where someone was born2 SGa large area of land where a particular group of people can live
Examples from the Corpus
homelandBut what could be strong enough to drive a man from his homeland, to face terrible dangers in the skies?He justly observes that the great tenor sang best of all in his homeland.Dmitri Passk was a non-runner, with a wife and two children to hold him firmly to his homeland.After nine years' captivity at Theodore's court he had escaped from Magdala and returned to his homeland.the creation of a Jewish homelandWas it my fate to live away from my homeland?The purpose for living could have been revenge, to build a new homeland, or to see their family.This province is the homeland of the Halflings, where they live under their own government and laws.Past treatment of the aborigines has been shameful, but these days efforts are made to respect their customs and traditional homelands.
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