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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomelyhome‧ly /ˈhəʊmli $ ˈhoʊm-/ adjective  1 COMFORTABLE British English simple in a way that makes you feel comfortable a modern hotel with a homely atmosphere2 British English a homely person is warm and friendly and enjoys home life Mrs Keane is a comfortable, homely person.3 American EnglishUGLY not very attractive syn plain British English
Examples from the Corpus
homelyBrad was a serious boy, very ordinary-looking but not downright homely.It was in a terrible state when we moved in but we cleaned it up and made it quite homely.The house is spacious and homely.Two cats add to the homely feel, as does the lively Caps Restaurant and Bar.The waitress was a homely girl from Kansas.In time, these became domestic spirits and usually appeared as a rather homely married couple.Also patron of coffeehouse keepers, homely people, and shepherds.Napa may be a homely sister, but Celadon is one very hot date.a homely tune
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