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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomemadehome‧made /ˌhəʊmˈmeɪd◂ $ ˌhoʊm-/ adjective  MAKEmade at home and not bought from a shop opp shop-bought homemade cake
Examples from the Corpus
homemadeOne afternoon she took me down there in the darkness to feed me on her homemade bread.Right outside our perimeter, before we hardly got going, Charlie blew one of his command-detonated, homemade claymores.They offer homemade cookies or jams or apologize for not having some ready.Try one of these homemade cookies. They're delicious.homemade ice creamBilled as a remoulade, it was more like a homemade mayo with lots of chopped capers and fresh tarragon.But how often does a homemade pie appear on your holiday table?The Wine and Food Society's propaganda in favour of homemade potted meats and fish was premature.a bowl of homemade soupEnsuite bedrooms, superb restaurants serving homemade soups, bread, pudding, etc.These homemade videos are often as rough-looking inside as they are on the outside.
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