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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomewardhome‧ward /ˈhəʊmwəd $ ˈhoʊmwərd/ adverb  1 (also homewards British English)HOME towards home She turned and made her way homeward.2 homeward boundhomeward adjective his homeward trip
Examples from the Corpus
homewardIt was five o'clock and they began the trek homeward.Now the wedding procession started homeward.They beg Ahab to turn the ship about and sail homeward.Frances made her way homeward along the old sea wall.And then he's made it, horror shy, homeward bound.So on the third day she turned homeward, for what else could she do?Mrs Chatterji points the child homeward, then turns to Maya, who has folded her hands in traditional Bengali greeting.At least once in every watch period Bowman would look homeward through the antenna-alignment telescope.As in Las Vegas, we never see the great mute herd trudging homeward with their pockets empty.
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