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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomeyhom‧ey1 /ˈhəʊmi $ ˈhoʊ-/ adjective especially American English  NICEpleasant, like home syn homely British English The restaurant has a relaxed homey atmosphere.
Examples from the Corpus
homeyWaiters and waitresses are country friendly, and the western theme is warm and homey.We stayed at a homey bed and breakfast inn.This trout recipe is served for breakfast at the inn but works well for a homey dinner.To ensure a comfortable, homey environment, always greet new arrivals by name and ask how they are feeling.I made it to an on-ramp, the freeway familiar, a kind of homey feeling to the green, white-lettered signs.Her homey nest has changed little since she and her husband, John, moved on to the property in 1946.
homeyhomey2 noun [countable] American English informal  a friend or someone who comes from your area or gang
Examples from the Corpus
homeyWhat's up, homey?
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