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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhonesthon‧est /ˈɒnɪst $ ˈɑːn-/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 characterHONEST someone who is honest always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal opp dishonest He was a hard-working honest man. Ann had an honest face.2 HONESTstatement/answer etc not hiding the truth or the facts about something syn frank Do you want my honest opinion? an honest answer Let’s be honest: the only reason she married him was for his money.honest with At least he was honest with you.honest about She was always very honest about her feelings. see Thesaurus box on 0000003 to be honest (with you)4 honest!5 honest to God6 workHONEST honest work is done using your own efforts and without cheating I bet he’s never done an honest day’s work in his life! I’m just trying to earn an honest living.7 ordinary good peopleGOOD ENOUGH honest people are not famous or special, but behave in a good, socially acceptable way She came from a good honest working-class background.8 make an honest woman (out) of somebodyTHESAURUSnot cheating, stealing, lying etchonest always saying what is true, and not cheating, stealing etcI liked them because they were good honest people.You can trust Noah – he’s totally honest.reputable known to be honest and good in your business or work – used about people, companies, or organizations It’s best to buy from a reputable company.They were highly reputable sports physicians.above board [not before noun] honest and legal – used about the way something is done, organized etcThe deal was entirely above board.Was the voting in the elections above board?upright written always behaving in an honest wayan upright citizenGeorge was an upright man from a military family.not hiding the truth or the factshonest saying what you really think and not hiding the truth or the factsI’m going to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me.an honest answerTo be honest, I didn’t think his speech was very good.straight informal honest and saying what you really thinkI can’t help you if you’re not straight with me.I need a straight answer.open willing to talk about what you think, feel etc in an honest way, rather than trying to hide itPeople have become more open about their feelings.She’s very easy to talk to because she’s so open.frank speaking honestly and directly about something, especially something that people find difficult to discussIn his book, he’s brutally frank about his experience with his illness.a frank discussion about sexdirect saying exactly what you think in an honest clear way, even when this might annoy or upset peopleNot everyone liked his direct manner.She can be very direct.blunt speaking in a completely honest way, even if it upsets people, when it would be better to be more careful or politeSorry if I was a bit blunt with you.His hard tone and blunt words were hurtful.She didn’t reply and I knew I had been too blunt.upfront [not before noun] informal talking and behaving in an honest way, even when it is difficult to do this, in a way that people respectIt’s best to be upfront about your financial problems.You have to be upfront with kids.outspoken expressing your opinions publicly in a very direct way, which may offend or annoy some peoplean outspoken critic of the governmentHe was known for his outspoken views on various controversies.forthright formal saying exactly what what you think, without being afraid of what other people will thinkThe opposition have not come up with a clear forthright statement of their policies.At times, Helena was a little too forthright.candid formal honest about the facts, or about your opinions and feelings, even if other people disapprove of themHe’d always been completely candid about his past.It was an unusually candid admission for a politician.
Examples from the Corpus
honestShe horrifies me, to be honest.As the job involves handling large amounts of money, it's essential that our workers are honest.You can always rely on Stewart to be honest.I don't think she's being completely honest about what she knows.He is being honest and honesty is such a rare quality in a performer that the audience are stunned.Tell me where you were - and I want an honest answer.It's probably the only honest bit of politics left.a fair and honest businessmanThey also need to be embarrassed and confronted by their honest countrymen.They were good, honest, hard-working people.She was scrupulously honest in all her business dealings.The attendant was entirely honest in his answers to my questions and in the amount of fuel he pumped.They are flash people who have money to throw about, and not all the money they throw about is honest money.You need to have an honest opinion of yourself.That was the most honest part of her.He's one of the few honest politicians we have left.Recommending a strong secretary-general can sound like touting safe airlines or honest stockbrokers.All we are asking is that management be honest with us, even if the situation is difficult.Let’s be honestLet's be honest about our failings.Your options, let's be honest, are few.Let's be honest, I was conceived in glasses.But let's be honest, they're like bath water.earn an honest livingOccasionally I earned an honest living.The things we all do to earn an honest living.
honest!honest!spokenTRUE used to try to make someone believe you I didn’t mean to hurt him, honest! honest
Examples from the Corpus
honest!I didn't mean to hurt him, honest!