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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhonorablehon‧or‧a‧ble /ˈɒnərəbəl $ ˈɑːn-/ adjective  x-refthe American spelling of honourable
Examples from the Corpus
honorableI do not come to bring you help, but only pain, To show you that your son was honorable.Dunne was an honorable and conscientious public servant.Military service was considered an honorable career choice.Ah, but my dear honorable chief, my daughter is just a child.The honorable course is to go home from the dance with the one who brought you.My migrant-worker parents were good people who lived honorable, hardworking lives, but I wanted some-thing more.They are resilient, honorable, loyal and unabashedly in love with their fighters, often serving as devoted father figures.Jasper was going to do the honorable thing, but three days before the wedding the woman miscarried.
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