2 verb
honour2 British English ; honor American English [transitive]

be/feel honoured (to do something)

to feel very proud and pleased:
I felt very honoured to be included in the team.
2 formal to show publicly that someone is respected and admired, especially by praising them or giving them a special title
honour somebody with something
He was honored with an award for excellence in teaching.
honour somebody for something
Two firefighters have been honoured for their courage.

honour a promise/contract/agreement etc

SCL to do what you have agreed to do:
Once again the government has failed to honour its promises.
We pray that both sides will continue to honour their commitment to the peace agreement.
4 to treat someone with special respect:
In a marriage, you need to honour one another.
I was treated like an honored guest.

honour a cheque

BFB if your bank honours a cheque that you have given someone, it pays the money to that person

somebody has decided to honour us with their presence

used humorously when someone arrives late, or to someone who rarely comes to a meeting, class etc

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