Sense: 1-4
Origin: Old English hod
Sense: 5
Date: 1900-2000
Origin: neighbourhood
Sense: 6
Date: 1800-1900
Origin: hoodlum


Related topics: Babies, Motor Vehicles
hood [countable]
a) a part of a coat, jacket etc that you can pull up to cover your head:
Why don't you put your hood up if you're cold?
b) a cloth bag that goes over someone's face and head so that they cannot be recognized or cannot see [↪ balaclava]:
He was abducted by four men wearing hoods.
2 American EnglishTTC the metal covering over the engine on a car [= bonnet British English]
under the hood
Check under the hood and see what that noise is.
3 a cover fitted above a cooker to remove the smell of cooking [↪ extractor (fan)]
4 British EnglishTTCDHB a folding cover on a car or pram, which gives protection from the rain
5 also 'hood American English informal a neighbourhood
6 American English informal a hoodlum

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