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hoodedhood‧ed /ˈhʊdɪd/ adjective  DCChaving or wearing a hood a hooded cape
Examples from the Corpus
hoodedHis eyes were hooded and white spittle had formed at the corners of his mouth.Otherwise, out of doors, more practical hooded cloaks were worn over knee-length tunics.The glitter in his hooded eyes made it impossible for her to hazard even the wildest guess at what he was thinking.There was a drawing of an axe with a hooded figure swinging the weapon over his head.Another night at some scruffy place full of hooded locals, we spent £15 on similar dishes.Something about his eyes was hooded, making his eyes, briefly, resemble hers.Here she wears number 72, a black silk crêpe hooded sheath dress and black satin shoes.a hooded sweatshirtThe killer had a light, hooded top.
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