2 verb
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hook2 [transitive]


DSO to catch a fish with a hook:
I hooked a 20-pound salmon last week.


[always + adverb/preposition] to fasten or hang something onto something else
hook something onto/to something
Just hook the bucket onto the rope and lower it down.

bend your finger/arm etc

[always + adverb/preposition] to bend your finger, arm, or leg, especially so that you can pull or hold something else:
Ruth hooked her arm through Tony's.
He tried to hook his leg over the branch.


informal to succeed in making someone interested in something or attracted to something:
cigarette ads designed to hook young people

electronic equipment

[always + adverb/preposition] also hook up to connect a piece of electronic equipment to another piece of equipment or to an electricity supply [↪ hook-up]:
We've got a CD player, but it's not hooked up yet.
hook something together
Computers from different manufacturers can often be hooked together.


to throw or kick a ball so that it moves in a curve

hook up with somebody/something

phrasal verb
a) to start having a sexual relationship with someone
b) to meet someone and become friendly with them [= meet up with]:
Did you ever hook up with Maisy while you were there?
c) to agree to work together with another organization for a particular purpose

hook somebody up with something

to help someone get something that they need or want [= fix up with]:
Do you think you can hook me up with some tickets for tonight?

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