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hooplahoop‧la /ˈhuːplɑː $ ˈhuːp-, ˈhʊp-/ noun [uncountable]  1 especially American EnglishADVERTISE excitement about something which attracts a lot of public attention all the hoopla that surrounded the trial2 British EnglishDG a game in which prizes can be won by throwing a ring over an object from a distance
Examples from the Corpus
hooplaThe skeleton of a Ferris wheel loomed; shooting galleries and hoopla stalls were being knocked together.The very architecture of the building rebuffs any attempt at hoopla.The new casino opened amid much hoopla.With all this new hoopla about commercial weight-loss programs, I decided to cheek them out again.Rockwell clearly could get women without such hoopla.But after the hoopla, the exposition slumped, admissions at first numbering only fifteen or twenty thousand per day.Liberals are suspicious of the hoopla, and of the policy.The hoopla also continued well into the night outside the casinos under the eyes of Las Vegas police and security guards.
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