Language: Old English
Origin: hoppian


1 verb
hop1 past tense and past participle hopped, present participle hopping


[intransitive] to move by jumping on one foot:
a little girl hopping and skipping
2 [intransitive] if a bird, an insect, or a small animal hops, it moves by making quick short jumps
3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] informal to move somewhere quickly or suddenly:
Hop in - I'll drive you home.
Patrick hopped out of bed and quickly got dressed.

hop a plane/bus/train etc

American English informal to get on a plane, bus, train etc, especially after suddenly deciding to do so:
So we hopped a bus to Phoenix that night.

hop it!

British English old-fashioned used to rudely tell someone to go away

hopping mad

informal very angry [= furious]

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