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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoped-forˈhoped-for adjective [only before noun] written  used to describe something that you want to happen and think is possible or likely I was at home when the desperately hoped-for call came through.
Examples from the Corpus
hoped-forIn fact, fears were unfounded and the hoped-for benefit was achieved.I was in hospital when the desperately hoped-for call came at 10.30 one Monday night.It will raise fresh worries for the Government that the much hoped-for consumer spending upturn remains beyond the horizon.Other hoped-for measures include tax breaks for industry to encourage investment and more cash for building projects.The experiment is bringing many hoped-for outcomes, as well as many unintended ones.Then, in May 1823, the hoped-for pardon arrived and he was able to resume a normal life at Kinloch.It was the sort of price any commander had to pay for hoped-for victory.But a head must in the end tolerate something less than the hoped-for whole being achieved.
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