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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhopelesslyhope‧less‧ly /ˈhəʊpləsli $ ˈhoʊp-/ adverb  1 BADused when emphasizing how bad a situation is, and saying that it will not get better We found ourselves hopelessly outnumbered by the enemy. She felt hopelessly confused. I was trying to find the museum, but I got hopelessly lost.2 be/fall hopelessly in love (with somebody)3 HOPEfeeling that you have no hope ‘When will I see you again?’ he asked hopelessly.
Examples from the Corpus
hopelessly"I feel like quitting, " she said hopelessly.He shrugged again, smiling hopelessly.We're hopelessly behind schedule.Many considered the Booker Washington area hopelessly blighted.From that moment, it was doomed to become a huge, sprawling, one-story conurbation, hopelessly dependent on the automobile.And, unknown to her father, I fell hopelessly in love with her.They went almost hopelessly into the great wilderness of trees where it seemed impossible to find anything.After about twenty minutes, walking and fishing, she realised that she was hopelessly lost.Perhaps my notion of wilderness is romantic and hopelessly out of date, but I have to say that I find paragliding an intrusion.Sanders said that Congress was hopelessly out of touch with the needs of ordinary citizens.He loved a lifeless thing and he was utterly and hopelessly wretched.
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