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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhordehorde /hɔːd $ hɔːrd/ noun [countable]  CROWDa large crowd moving in a noisy uncontrolled wayhorde of There were hordes of people inside the station.see thesaurus at group
Examples from the Corpus
hordeSince then, people say, the beast, or, possibly, a horde of them, has been moving fast.Security guards held hordes at bay, while men with binoculars eyed the bevy from vans.Her images of that horde of ribald workmen looked positively endearing next to this man.The quantities can be adjusted to feed the hordes.According to Imperial records the horde gathered at the coast and began to construct a huge fleet.Hideous monsters, in their hordes.Imagine all the trouble hordes of tots and teenagers can get into with nothing to do all day but hang around.horde ofNew York is overrun by hordes of tourists in the summer.
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