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hormonehor‧mone /ˈhɔːməʊn $ ˈhɔːrmoʊn/ noun [countable]  HBBODYa chemical substance produced by your body that influences its growth, development, and conditionhormonal /hɔːˈməʊnəl $ hɔːrˈmoʊ-/ adjective hormonal changes
Examples from the Corpus
hormoneThe blame-if you can really call it that-can be placed on their active adolescent hormones.Antibiotics and hormones used in human drugs have been detected in drinking water and our rivers.Addition of solute causes a rise in tonicity with stimulation of both thirst and antidiuretic hormone release.Thus, antidiuretic hormone should be given, as well.The authors suggested that this might represent end organ resistance to growth hormone.growth hormoneParents tend to blame their daughters' moody, erratic behavior on hormones, choice of friends or television-viewing habits.Traditionally, physicians have reserved testosterone replacement for men who are severely hormone deficient.The hormone is known to affect reproduction and gonadal function, and to have an influence on the growth of tumours.
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