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hornedhorned /hɔːnd $ hɔːrnd/ adjective [only before noun]  HBAhaving horns or something that looks like horns horned cattle a horned toad
Examples from the Corpus
hornedIt is being driven forward by a horned deity at the rear, armed with a long spear.Protagonists of the warm-blooded theory will show some of the horned dinosaurs charging over the Cretaceous plains like furious reptilian rhinoceroses!But horned dinosaurs had more bends in each joint, and were more rhino-like.Others shook their horned heads and looked - Brenda thought - very angry.To the brow of its great horned helm was welded the Circlet of Iron.That warlock was a bloated, horned hermaphrodite draped in bilious green skin.a horned owlThe Polled Lincoln Red is now absorbing the horned type.The great Blue Boar inn was a half-stone tavern mansion, its glazed horned windows stared out over the market place.
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