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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhorridhor‧rid /ˈhɒrɪd $ ˈhɔː-, ˈhɑː-/ adjective especially British English  1 UNPLEASANT informal very unpleasant syn nasty a horrid smell2 UNKIND old-fashioned behaving in a nasty unkind way Don’t be so horrid!
Examples from the Corpus
horridBy the July Fourth holiday, conditions in the forest probably will have deteriorated beyond horrid.The dogs were raised in horrid conditions.Every soldier in the field saw crippling and horrid injuries, and one can imagine the impact that had.He was always a horrid little boy for all his pretty face, and now he's a horrid man.a horrid little boyHer uterus became distended, causing her horrid pain.A slithering of chains, a horrid steel-on-stone sound, and three steps to match.They have a horrid vision of Mr John Smith raising inflation from the dead with the blessing of our Euro-competitors.
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