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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhorrorhor‧ror /ˈhɒrə $ ˈhɔːrər, ˈhɑː-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [uncountable]SHOCKFRIGHTENED a strong feeling of shock and fearin horror Staff watched in horror as he set himself alight.with horror Many people recoil with horror when they see a big spider like this.to somebody’s horror (=making someone shocked or afraid) To my horror, I realised my shirt was wet with blood. You should have seen the look of horror on his face.2 [countable usually plural]BAD something that is very terrible, shocking, or frighteninghorror of the horrors of war3 the horror of something4 have a horror of something5 little horror6 give somebody the horrors7 horror of horrors
Examples from the Corpus
horrorThat dress is a horror.Satisfaction and horror jostle for position on his face.He suddenly realized to his horror that the brakes weren't working.To his horror, PC Kelly saw a handgun protruding from the man's coat.He read about Jacques Delors's federalist vision from which he recoiled in horror.She screamed again and stared in horror at what lay in the doorway.The crowd watched in horror as the plane hit the ground and burst into flames.To my horror, I saw James' car draw up outside the gate.It's hard for me even now to relate my feelings of horror and incredulity about what happened.Jocasta turned white, a look of horror on her face.But why shackle yourself to that horror?They joined the anti- nuclear campaign after seeing a film about the horrors of Hiroshima.The old cop spoke about the horrors of Alcatraz prison.And as the horror sunk in, the form of a man who won nine titles last season deserted him.This group of woodcut prints foreshadows the horrors that were to come.Children in these famine-stricken areas simply cannot be protected from the horror all around them.One woman cried as she told of the horror of seeing workmates killed in the lift.To the horror of friends and family, many of those unhappy lawyers are shucking their partnerships.His eyes were fixed always on that unseen horror.He was trembling with horror and disbelief.Then you turn 40 and, to your horror, you find that you are all too perishable.in horrorThe neighbors watched in horror as the fire swept through the trailer where the children were sleeping.
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