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horse-drawnˈhorse-drawn adjective [only before noun]  TTBDRIVEhorse-drawn vehicles are pulled by a horse
Examples from the Corpus
horse-drawnIt was initially horse-drawn, and later a Simplex Tractor was used.Little Round Top was the more important position, for it could be ascended by horse-drawn artillery.There were horse-drawn cabs with the hoods let down, and cars going by.a horse-drawn carriageLike skating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and horse-drawn sleigh and dogsled rides.On the forecourt stood a horse-drawn van on which was painted the name of a firm of landscape gardeners in flowery script.Early in Bore's time, minutes refer to horse-drawn vehicles of various types manufactured at Wolverton.They had a horse-drawn wagon full of clocks.A quarter bought a large family-sized dish of ice cream from a horse-drawn wagon that circled the neighborhood.
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