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horsemanshiphorse‧man‧ship /ˈhɔːsmənʃɪp $ ˈhɔːrs-/ noun [uncountable]  DSHthe skill involved in riding horses
Examples from the Corpus
horsemanshipThen, with the Renaissance in the sixteenth century, interest in the art of riding and horsemanship reappeared.It was a technique which required split-second timing and horsemanship of the highest order.A very special example of classic horsemanship in performance is provided by the Lipizzaner, the grey-white stallions of Vienna.They were always represented as riding splendid snow-white horses, but Homer distinguishes Castor above Pollux for horsemanship.True to his word, he schooled her in horsemanship and was a hard taskmaster.He met Diana in 1988 when he was given the job of coaching Prince William in horsemanship.So, it is unsurprising that some of the most important writing on horsemanship dates from this era.Skilful horsemanship overcame those problems, but then just 24 hours before the Derby, Nijinsky suffered a crippling attack of colic.
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