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hosieryho‧sier‧y /ˈhəʊzjəri $ ˈhoʊʒəri/ (also hose) noun [uncountable]  DCCBBTa general word for tights, stockings, or socks, used in shops and in the clothing industry
Examples from the Corpus
hosieryClients needing compression hosiery are measured accurately and given education.Most patients do not regularly wear compression hosiery.The Nottingham bank attracted the business of neighbouring nobility and gentry as well as that of local hosiery manufacturers and traders.He tried wine importation, brick manufacture, hosiery and the making of perfume from the glands of civets.The prints may be menswear-inspired, but the sheer, smooth look of the hosiery makes it a romantic accessory.The hosiery industry was notorious for the range of deductions employers made from wages.In 1903 the Walkers bought a stick making concern and installed this in the mill alongside their hosiery business.
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