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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhospitablehos‧pi‧ta‧ble /ˈhɒspɪtəbəl, hɒˈspɪ- $ hɑːˈspɪ-, ˈhɑːspɪ-/ adjective  1 FRIENDLYfriendly, welcoming, and generous to visitors opp inhospitable The local people were very kind and hospitable.see thesaurus at friendly2 used for describing an environment in which things can grow opp inhospitable The Sahara is one of the world’s least hospitable regions.hospitably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
hospitableThe cold vast house became warm in atmosphere and hospitable.The spirit of the people remains genuinely friendly, very hospitable.Most of the people I met in Laos were very hospitable and kind.Two friendly, hospitable brothers own and run the Hotel Gallini and regard both the hotel and their guests with great affection.Most technology companies put their stock offerings on hold, hoping for a more hospitable climate, but not TriTeal.a hospitable climateA hospitable host, full of charm and not jumpy, in spite of the scare.Southerners are some of the most hospitable people we've ever met.These, I realized, were not the thoughts of a naturally hospitable person.This is in large part by design, to make the system more hospitable to women.So many meetings and partings must have taken place beneath his roof, so many dark plots hatched between his hospitable walls.
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