Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: Latin hostilis, from hostis 'stranger, enemy'


1 angry and deliberately unfriendly towards someone and ready to argue with them:
Southampton fans gave their former coach a hostile reception.
Carr wouldn't meet Feng's stare, which was openly hostile.
hostile to/towards
The boy feels hostile towards his father.
2 opposing a plan or idea very strongly
hostile to/towards
Senator Lydon was hostile to our proposals.
3 belonging to an enemy:
hostile territory
4 used to describe conditions that are difficult to live in, or that make it difficult to achieve something
hostile environment/climate/terrain etc
a guide to surviving in even the most hostile terrain
Sales increased last year despite the hostile economic environment.

hostile takeover/bid

a situation in which a company tries to buy another company which does not want to be bought
WORD FOCUS: difficult WORD FOCUS: difficult
difficult to do: hard, tough, challenging, daunting

difficult and needing a lot of physical effort: tough, strenuous, back-breaking, gruelling, arduous, punishing

difficult to deal with or talk about: tricky, awkward, delicate, sensitive, touchy

words for describing a difficult person: awkward, trying

words for describing difficult conditions: adverse, hostile

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