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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhostilityhos‧til‧i‧ty /hɒˈstɪləti $ hɑː-/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]UNFRIENDLY when someone is unfriendly and full of anger towards another personhostility towards/between hostility towards foreignershostility towardAmerican English American English hostility toward religious minoritiesopen/outright hostility (=hostility that is clearly shown) They eyed each other with open hostility.2 [uncountable]AGAINST/OPPOSE strong or angry opposition to something The reform program was greeted with hostility by conservatives.hostility to/towards There is a lot of public hostility to the tax. Pictures of refugees aroused popular hostility (=felt by a lot of people) towards the war.hostility towardAmerican English American English Republican hostility toward slavery3 hostilities
Examples from the Corpus
hostilityBut they also told these stories because they felt so disturbed by the alienation and hostility of some black students.Its consequences are hostility to the strong state and vanguard party and sympathy with pluralism and perhaps forms of anarchism.Recently there has been hostility towards the Prime Minister from members of his own party.The only council member who can be seen to be motivated by hostility to the family is William, lord Hastings.Now they became centers of hostility.Given his open hostility, it seemed pointless to try and continue to persuade him.They were greeted with open hostility.The verdict may worsen racial hostility.Consequently, the Franco regime could not institute a programme of land reform without arousing the hostility of the landowners.The hostility and bloodshed associated with the partition resulted in 1 million deaths.Boys in an autocratic group were more dependent on their leader, and submissive; their hostility was towards each other.The announcement was greeted with hostility from some employees.hostility towards/betweenThis time he seems to be picking up the signals of some approaching hostility towards him.Strikes grew more frequent and violent, the harsh suppression of them by the government increasing hostility towards the republican regime.Its presence will indicate hostility towards religion and make it very difficult for people to take religion seriously.There is no hostility between the staff and us and it makes school life so much easier.The flashes of hostility between them could only make things worse.Ultimately these foundered on the legacy of hostility between the various parties and between Lini, Sope and Kalpokas.There would also appear to have been relatively little popular hostility towards papal authority.hostility to/towardsBut there was fierce hostility to the appointment within the Labour ranks.He was especially noted for his hostility to the scheme to form a territorial army.There would also appear to have been relatively little popular hostility towards papal authority.Finally, the psychological profession's hostility to marriage and family commitments works strongly against women psychologists.Wigg's hostility to both arose from the same cause.Much of the hostility towards civilization felt by people in the suppressed classes is understandable.Republican rhetoric had consisted of unrestrained hostility to the Soviet Union and emphasized permanent war with Communism.Identification with the community is even consistent with hostility to its laws, if those are thought to be oppressive or unfair.
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