hot spot

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hot spot , hot‧spot [countable]
1 a place where there is a lot of heat or radiation:
Many microwaves heat unevenly, leading to hot spots in the milk.
Hot spots of radioactivity were found near the power station.
2 a place that is popular for entertainment or a particular activity:
They played regularly at legendary hot spots such as the UFO Club.
3 a place where there is likely to be fighting or a particular problem:
The report identified eight pollution hot spots.
4TD a part of a computer image on the screen that you can click on to make other pictures, words etc appear
5TD a place in a public building where there is a computer system with an access point, which allows people in the building with a wireless computer or bluetooth mobile phone to connect to a service such as the Internet
6 especially American English a place where a fire can spread from

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