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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhot-temperedˌhot-ˈtempered adjective  ANGRYhaving a tendency to become angry easily hot temper at hot1
Examples from the Corpus
hot-temperedEven his friends concede that Pillsbury can be difficult, being something of a diva, hot-tempered and imperious.As can be imagined, they were very easily degenerated into hot-tempered battles fought in deadly earnest.Spencer was kind, courteous, sometimes hot-tempered, cleverer than most people thought and very funny.Southgate's and Bowyer's were fiery, hot-tempered, rearing and kicking the air with sharpened hooves.Oh, no, not with that aggravating, hot-tempered, sensuous little leprechaun.Neil Foster faces a hefty fine from Essex today following his hot-tempered, stump-kicking antics during the current round of championship matches.Hospital staff sent him home to try to patch things up with his hot-tempered wife.
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